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FreshPlus® Modified Atmosphere Packaging

FreshPlus® has been manufacturing Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Modified Humidity Control Packaging (MA/MH) which are used to preserve all fresh fruit & vegetables and fresh herbs in its modern infrastructure with advanced engineering platform and has been selling to all over the World. We are producing our products with the special type of polymer structure in our manufacturing facility which is exporting to Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Did you know?

With FreshPlus®️ You Can:

- Extend the shelf life of your products without freezing or using chemical products.

- Increase your sales in distant markets by meeting the growing demand for fresh and natural products.

- Increase storage and shelf life by days or even weeks in the distribution chain.

- Preserve the taste, texture, aroma and appearance of your products.

- Increase your production and distribution efficiency by reducing your costs and wastage.

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Do you know?

Even without pre-cooling, you can protect your fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs with our FreshPlus® (Modified Humidity) MA / MH bags!