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To preserve your high quality fresh fruits, vegetables and freshherbs, we develop our products by taking in to account of sectoral demands to enlarge our market by constantly adding new ones.

Our aim; to minimize your energy loss, labor costs and waste...

Our factory located in Turkey; we produce conventional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Humidity Control Packaging (MA/MH), Biodegradable (OxoBio), Compostable (ComBio) Modified Atmosphere Bags and Active Pallet bags export them to many countries in the world.

FreshPlus® and FreshThermal® are our registered trademarks.

While we are preventing and minimizing losses, you can reach new markets by streght the period of storaging and transportation time.

FreshPlus®  MAP packaging products comply with FDA and European Union directives. Our products are suitable for direct contact with whole and processed fruit, vegetables and freshherbs. You could safely use our bags which have got all safety certificates (SGS, BRC, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, HALAL). We offer our products with favorable prices which have been proved quality about storage, shipment, shelf life and suitable for packaging bulk, pallet bags, retail and flowpack.


FreshPlus safety
Quality Manufacturing Standards

FreshPlus® @ Food Safety

FreshPlus® MAP;

Regulation No. 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, articles intended to come into contact with food, amended and corrected by Regulation No.1282/2011. 

Framework Regulation 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 October 2004, on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

The Materials that is used for manufacture of FreshPlus® MAP have Product Permission Certificate  related to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, dated 12.08.2013 and no. TR-35-K-017539 given by Turkish Republic Food, Agriculture and Livestock  Ministry.


FreshPlus® MA/MH;

This Material , when processed and used as directed, is approved for food contact applications in the US and the EU, according to FDA CFR 21 and Commission Directive 2002/72/EC.

Certificates regarding the status of our materials according to the FDA. Regulation 21 CFR 177.1500 "Nylon Resins", the European Regulation 2002/72/EC, the German BfR recommendation X.Polyamide", 1.6.1998 (Bedarfsgegenständeverordnung in der Neufassung vom 23.12.97 einschließlich der neunten Verordnung zur Änderung der Bedarfsgegen ständever ordnung vom 07.04.2003) or legislations for other countries will be provided on request.


FreshPlus® [ Biodegradable ] OxoBio MAP and FreshPlus® [ Compostable ] ComBio MAP

The standard “CEN/TS 16137:2011 Plastics – Determination of biobased carbon content” from the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), specifies the calculation method for determining the biobased carbon content in monomers, polymers and plastic materials and products, based on the 14C content measurement. As the CEN/TS 16137 provides a standardized set of methods, it is currently the most important guideline for substantiating marketing claims regarding a material’s or product’s biobased carbon content.

If bioplastics have proven their compostability according to international standards, they can be treated in industrial composting plants. Plastic products can provide proof of their compostability by successfully meeting the harmonized European standard, EN 13432 or EN 14995.

EN 13432:2000 Packaging: This is a harmonized European standard linked to the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (94/62/EC). It allows for the presumption of conformity with essential requirements of the Directive. It has been translated and implemented in all the European Member States. The EN 13432 applies when plastics are used for packaging.

Quality Control Laboratory

 Our company closely follows developments in the packaging industry and performs innovative work with its professional team.